This website contains the product documentation for our test management software TestRail and includes everything from getting started with TestRail, administrating installations and customizing TestRail.

TestRail User Guide

The TestRail User Guide manual helps you get started with TestRail. It explains various common tasks and the general application structure and concepts of TestRail. This is the recommended manual for new users.

TestRail Administration

The TestRail Administration manual explains TestRail's server requirements, contains instructions on how to install the product on your server and helps with troubleshooting common installation and server issues.

TestRail Integration

Learn more about integrating TestRail with defect and issue tracking tools, requirement management or Wiki software and how to implement single sign-on against Active Directory servers and other third-party systems.

TestRail Customizations

Learn more about customizing TestRail. This includes adjusting TestRail's user interface with UI Scripts, adding additional languages and translations as well as developing custom reports and statistics.

TestRail API Manual

Learn how to access and use TestRail's API to integrate automated testing frameworks, submit test results and automate various other aspects of TestRail via simple HTTP requests.